Dafne (Dose adjustment for normal eating) DAY 1

Dafne – Day 1 15th September 2014

Well off I set full of 1st day nerves, rather like going to school. Had my packed lunch, notepad, pen and parking money all organised and of course a touch up of lipstick perfume……….just in case!!
I had heard so much about DAFNE from getting involved with the diabetic on line community on twitter and was really in a ‘muddling along phase’ with my type 1 diabetes and getting nowhere fast. It was much easier than I thought to put my name down (via my hcp at my doctor’s clinic) and I was exceptionally lucky to be able to attend the five week course – 1 day a week at Fairfield Hospital, Bury.
Anyway back to the important bit: Meeting other Type1 Diabetics, in the flesh! Nerves were abandoned as I walked into the meeting room, the coffee pot was bubbling away and I spied biscuits on the table, I felt right at home! There were 7 of us attending the course varying ages, sizes, and years of living with type 1 and we all started chatting away quite at ease with each other considering we had only just met. Perhaps a common bond hey???
We got our timetable (told you it was like school but we didn’t have to put our hands up to ask to go to the loo) it was informal, with plenty of chance to ask questions and have chats about issues concerning us with Carb counting. There was no pre-judgements made, no assumptions – we were all there to learn and get involved on the course.

Early morning was a gentle introduction into the wonderful world of Carb Counting and how the next 5 weeks would progress.
Lunchtime was a revelation; all sat round testing our blood sugars and using what knowledge we had gained from community carb clinics, books or sheer guess-timations! (I’ve never seen anyone test their bloods before and we all seemed to have different meters too!) I’m afraid to say I got very excited at the accu check strip free blood monitoring meter! As I said, we all had varying lengths of time with type 1 from 2 years to 34 years so it was great to bounce our knowledge off each other and help one another out. (And also pinch chips!)

Lunch over and down to the serious stuff……………..actual Carb counting! The dietician was fantastic, explaining how we could decipher carbohydrate information from packets and how to work out portion sizes amounts. It was great to see the actual portions of carbs on plates although I must say the jacket potato resembled a rock and looked most inedible! We spoke about some stuff I knew but also a lot I didn’t.
There was a great feeling of camaraderie in our group and emphasised to me just how important it is to be able to connect with other type 1 diabetics and to be able to share experiences and help each other. It re-iterated that I do have a voice in my diabetes care, that there is help there if you ask and that only I can take control with my diabetes as I live with it day to day.
So Dafne Day 1 over and off I went with a super cool folder under my arm, a carb counting book, carb portion diary and a feeling that just maybe I’m heading down the right path with my D! And a feeling that I wish I was going back tomorrow- now that can only be a result in my book!
Stay tuned for Dafne- Day2 coming to my blog space Monday 22nd September

Diane x


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